Thursday, March 12, 2009

Preface to The Revised Edition

In December of this year, we will commemorate the Seventeenth Anniversary of Sawaki Roshi's death. After he died I remained at Antaiji as abbot for ten years. Because of Sawaki Roshi's influence, Zazen practice has flourished and Antaiji has moved to Tajima(Hyogo Prefecture). I am very greatful for this.

Yadonashi-Hokkusan was first published a two small booklets. Later I added 15 more sections and published the work as one of the Hakuju-shinsho. But these days, numberless pocket-size books are available from major publishers and bookshops no longer accept the little editions from smaller houses. The publisher asked for additional material so that the work might be published as a larger, single volume.

Last fall, a member of Jinno-in Wakokai sent me the manuscript of a talk I gave the temple in order to receive my permission to print it. When I read the manuscript, I saw that it would be quite appropriate to add it to Yadonashi Kodo Hokkusan, and asked permission from the abbot of Jinno-in to use the manuscript, "On Kodo Sawaki Roshi's Zazen" as part of this book. I am glad that this book has been published in a revised, expanded form and that I will be able to offer it on the occasion of the Seventeenth Anniversary of Sawaki Roshi's death.

Early Summer, 1981

Kosho Uchiyama